Scrutiny intensifies over safety at US nuclear weapons lab

The safety record at the U.S. laboratory that created the atomic bomb is facing intensifying criticism as work ramps up to produce a key component for the nation’s nuclear weapons cache. …read more

Study demonstrates a better way to store renewable energy

In an effort to find better ways to store renewable energy, physicists at the University of Arkansas, in collaboration with a scientist at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, have shown that antiferroelectrics can provide high energy density. The findings may lead to storage devices that improve the efficiency of wind and solar power. … Read more

New design improves performance of flexible wearable electronics

In a proof-of-concept study, North Carolina State University engineers have designed a flexible thermoelectric energy harvester that has the potential to rival the effectiveness of existing power wearable electronic devices using body heat as the only source of energy. …read more

Electric vehicles inefficient way to reduce CO2 emissions: study

Subsidizing the purchase of electric cars in Canada is an inefficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that is not cost effective, according to a Montreal Economic Institute study released Thursday. …read more

70% Of California’s Pistachio Crop Could Go Solar All At Once

Clean Power Published on June 22nd, 2017 by Tina Casey 0 June 22nd, 2017 by Tina Casey  So, there’s good news for all you pistachio fans out there. The Department of Energy is filing a new concentrating solar demonstration project under S for Success. If it scales up to the next level, a California nut … Read more

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