Neo Solar Power’s tough times continue in 1H 2017

Stocks: 3576 NSP is pursuing a downstream PV project business module, pioneered by First Solar and SunPower as well as Canadian Solar. Image: NSP Taiwan-based merchant solar cell and module producer Neo Solar Power (NSP) continued its solarcoaster ride that has lasted almost a year with revenue in July, 2017 sliding 26% from the previous … Read more

Cybersecurity Myths of the Industrial IoT

In March 2016, reports emerged that hackers had infiltrated a water utility’s control system. Many critical IT and operational technology (OT) functions ran on the same system, which was connected to the internet, exposing the system to attacks. In this case, the hackers were able to change the levels of chemicals being used to treat … Read more

California Goes All In

Wikipedia Windmills at Sunset in California California is one step closer to a 100% renewable future, one that aims to reduce pollution and cut carbon emissions, while increasing jobs in the renewable energy field. The ambitious plan set forth by Senate President Kevin de León (D) would set limits on California’s electrical grid hydrocarbon consumption and aim … Read more

Alphabet Wants to Fix Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem

Alphabet Inc.’s secretive X skunk works has another idea that could save the world. This one, code named Malta, involves vats of salt and antifreeze.  The research lab, which hatched Google’s driverless car almost a decade ago, is developing a system for storing renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted. It can be located almost anywhere, has the potential … Read more

ARENA push for concentrated solar thermal – Energy Matters

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) reports a strong response from industry and investors on concentrated solar thermal (CST). This follows ARENA’s call for information from industry, solar manufacturers and green energy investors about CST. The call ended on 31 July, and ARENA is now evaluating responses to see how ready we are to embrace this … Read more

The 9 most popular types of IIoT use cases

We asked 73 professionals across a range of industries about the focus area of their most recent IoT project. Check out the top nine results in the above IIoT use cases slideshow or in the list below:    1. Asset tracking and monitoring  Asset tracking is perhaps the first IoT use case, dating back to Kevin Ashton’s … Read more

Australia’s Desperate Miners Demand End to Renewable Energy Madness: RET Must Go Now

Australia’s enviable prosperity isn’t due to sunshine and glinting solar panels or windmills flailing in the breeze, it’s down to iron ore, coal and a bevy of other minerals including copper and uranium of the kind being gouged out of the ground by BHP Billiton at Roxby Downs in South Australia’s North (see above). How … Read more