Solar Bike DIY 5V: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

The guide is a bit strange, initially you have to charge the supercondensors, then you can use the buttons and set the power, depending on how much sun is there and how much help you want. Once a speed has been set, the motor like a generator generate a voltage, this is used as signal … Read more

French company Engie likely to invest Rs 6,500 crore in solar energy in India

NEW DELHI: Engie, the French power giant with a global installed capacity of 115.3 gigawatts across all forms of energy, expects to invest a minimum of $1 billion (about 6,500 crore) in the solar segment in India over the next five years. “$1 billion is the bare minimum,” said chief executive Isabelle Kocher said. “We … Read more

Germany smashes record as renewables provide 85% of country’s total energy

Germany has broken a new record for renewable energy, with low-carbon sources nearly obliterating coal and nuclear power last weekend. At one point on the sunny and breezy Sunday, sustainable energy from wind, solar, biomass and hydro power provided a record 85 per cent of the country’s total energy. Germany has been investing heavily in renewables, as … Read more

The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable

At the start of this year, a British businessman named Adam Robson received some awful news. Mr Robson runs an English company called Torotrak that invents fuel-saving contraptions aimed at solving one of the auto industry’s great dilemmas: how to make a petrol car that is green enough to meet tightening pollution rules but does … Read more

Three Reasons to Believe in China’s Renewable Energy Boom

Here in Haining, the factory floor is clean and bright, and a low whoosh is the only noise as red, robotic arms lift and twist, moving the panels from one station to the next. Workers, some in white masks that cover their faces and heads, others sporting colored baseball-style caps, test and tweak as layer … Read more

Cleantech venture capital: Continued declines and narrow geography limit prospects

President Trump has stressed the importance of oil and “clean” coal in America’s economic growth, and meanwhile a wide range of emerging clean technologies—ranging from renewables and energy storage to nuclear power—also have tremendous potential. However, igniting an energy boom is going to require lots of innovation, which will in turn require more than just … Read more

How Do Inverters Work? Solar Inverters Explained

Solar panels aren’t the only component that you should be thinking about when you evaluate your solar system equipment. Inverters play an equally important role in a solar energy system: they convert the electricity your solar panels create into a form that can be used by the appliances, lighting, and other electronics that are in … Read more