ARENA push for concentrated solar thermal – Energy Matters

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) reports a strong response from industry and investors on concentrated solar thermal (CST). This follows ARENA’s call for information from industry, solar manufacturers and green energy investors about CST. The call ended on 31 July, and ARENA is now evaluating responses to see how ready we are to embrace this … Read more

The 9 most popular types of IIoT use cases

We asked 73 professionals across a range of industries about the focus area of their most recent IoT project. Check out the top nine results in the above IIoT use cases slideshow or in the list below:    1. Asset tracking and monitoring  Asset tracking is perhaps the first IoT use case, dating back to Kevin Ashton’s … Read more

The renewable energy revolution in India | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

India has launched the world’s largest renewable energy expansion programme and aims to achieve 175 GW capacity of energy by 2022. The country is taking national actions plans to abide by its duty under the Paris Agreement to keep the rising temperatures of the Earth well below 2 degree Celsius. Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are … Read more

Australia’s Desperate Miners Demand End to Renewable Energy Madness: RET Must Go Now

Australia’s enviable prosperity isn’t due to sunshine and glinting solar panels or windmills flailing in the breeze, it’s down to iron ore, coal and a bevy of other minerals including copper and uranium of the kind being gouged out of the ground by BHP Billiton at Roxby Downs in South Australia’s North (see above). How … Read more

Rooftop PV arrays operation and maintenance best practices ensure optimal performance [ Sponsored ]

Credit: DuPont SPONSORED: When designing a PV system, it is important to give special consideration to how it will be installed and maintained. Dependable solar system performance grows from good design. When designing any solar array, it is crucial to look ahead and anticipate potential shading issues and provide adequate space for inspection, cleaning and … Read more

Will Energy Offer the Next Market for Blockchain?

Electric devices that operate at what is sometimes known as the edge of the power grid—devices that range from electric vehicles to rooftop solar arrays—could help upend the utility business model and further decentralize energy production. Helping  in that process is a tool more familiar to accounting wonks than to power producers: blockchain ledgers. The … Read more

The Energy Secretary Is Wrong: The Grid is Ready for Renewables

But as Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association, which represents the energy storage industry, puts it, ”The idea that intermittency is a challenge for the grid fundamentally misunderstands how the grid operates. We have a whole toolbox of ways to deal with intermittency.” The truth is that every source of energy is … Read more