China just switched on the world’s largest floating solar power plant

It wasn’t too long ago that China had a reputation as a coal-guzzling, smog-blanketed polluter. But that is changing – and fast. Today, China invests more each year in wind, hydro and solar power than any other country on earth. This week it further underlined its role as the global leader in renewable energy by … Read more

EVs Provide Valuable Grid Services, But Regulations Needed

EVs provide valuable grid services, but regulations are needed to ensure that the benefits are maximized, according to a report about a BMW/PGE pilot program, BMW iCharge Forward. BMW EV Charging BMW and PGE partnered in a demand response program involving 100 BMW i3 cars in the San Francisco Bay area plus a solar-powered stationary … Read more

India is betting big on electric vehicles, but where does that leave the makers of hybrids?

Last Sunday was a decisive one for Toyota Kirloskar Motor. It was the day the GST Council met to review tax rates in a vast swathe of product categories. By the end of the meeting, rates on 66 products were brought down, including pickles, agarbattis and cashew nuts. Hybrid cars — where Toyota’s India outpost … Read more

NanoFlex in consortium developing next-gen thin-film technology with US Army

The consortium consists of NanoFlex, SolAero Technologies (“SolAero”), a leading manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, the University of Michigan (UM), and the University of Wisconsin (UW). Image: NanoFlex Power Next-generation thin-film technology start-up NanoFlex Power said it was part of a consortium awarded a US$6.5 million contract from the US Army Research Laboratory’s Army … Read more

How the cost of light has fallen by a factor of 500,000

As the BBC recently pointed out, our prehistoric ancestors needed to gather and chop “wood 10 hours a day for six days… [in order to] produce 1,000 lumen hours of light… That is the equivalent of one modern light bulb shining for just 54 minutes, although what you would actually get is many more hours … Read more

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Surges in Q1, While Behind-the-Meter Falters

The U.S. energy storage industry just had a very good start to the year. With 234 megawatt-hours of capacity deployed in the first quarter of 2017, installations grew 945 percent compared to the first quarter of 2016. Growth in the utility-scale energy storage sector was more astonishing — 5,040 percent.  Still, there were only 4.3 … Read more

Digital Coins Are So Hot, Startups Are Selling Them Like an IPO

David Vorick, 24, is one of those techies with a plan to change the world. His startup runs a data storage service called Sia, similar to those of Inc. and Google Inc. The difference is that Sia is totally decentralized. People who need a digital file cabinet are matched up with hosts with extra … Read more