Households will be at centre of Australia’s transition to 100% renewables

Australia’s households and small businesses will be at the centre of the dramatic energy transition occurring around us, and will play a critical role in the switch to 100 per cent renewable energy, and saving around $100 billion in costs from the business-as-usual fossil fuel scenario. That dramatic outline is the key takeaway from the … Read more

Flex announces Large Scale Battery Energy Storage Solution

Flex, the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world, has just launched a new technological advancement that addresses a solution to the issue of integrating wind and solar power into an energy grid. The latest innovation, Advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is billed as an important step in … Read more

Solar hotspots: Where solar homes outnumber non-solar homes

Rooftop solar is now becoming so prevalent in Australia that in many suburbs the number of homes with solar outnumber those without. According to analysis from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute, using data from the Clean Energy Regulator, the leading cases of such suburbs occur in Queensland and Western Australia, with WA’s Baldivis, a semi rural … Read more

Off grid vs network-connected: A Queensland community divided

For a growing number of Australians, the idea of cutting ties with your electricity network and taking your power supply “off-grid” is becoming increasingly attractive. And, as solar and battery storage costs continue to fall, it is far from just a romantic notion. But for some in remote Australian communities who have had little choice … Read more

Frydenberg Warms to Solar Thermal Energy Despite its Slow-Burn Impact

Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has backed the development of solar thermal energy technology. At the same time, he warned that it may not be viable in Australia until 2040. Mr Frydenberg is in Israel, where he visited 121 megawatt Ashalim solar thermal power project in the Negev Desert. Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s … Read more

New Aussie solar start-up empowering rural farming villages

Australian solar entrepreneur Stewart Craine has launched a new social venture, that provides rural farming communities in developing countries around the globe with lease agreements for solar power solutions. The UK-based company, called Village Infrastructure Angels, invests in “poverty alleviating infrastructure in villages in developing countries,” as Craine puts it in this 2015 video. And … Read more

Australian solar capacity now 6GW, to double again by 2020

Australia’s total solar power capacity has reached 6GW and is expected to double over the next few years as Australian households continue to invest in rooftop panels to reduce electricity bills, and the large-scale solar sector takes off after years of promise. The latest industry analysis on installed capacity – released by the Australian Photovoltaic Institute … Read more