Pic of the Day: Old meets new at solar-powered antique shop

It might have been a bit cloudy in the Victorian country town of Smythesdale when this snap was taken, but the message it delivers is clear: even a purveyor of old stuff, from an old building in regional Australia, gets the value of new energy technology. We love this winter-time image of the solar powered … Read more

Graph of the Day: Higher SA wind output, lower wholesale power prices

Today’s chart is similar to yesterday’s – it shows the relationship between wind power output and wholesale price in South Australia. Obviously, wind will be slightly more expensive, but at the same time, it’ll be dispatchable – and perhaps, as battery costs fall, it might end up even cheaper. Good times.    Article source: http://reneweconomy.com.au/graph-of-the-day-higher-sa-wind-output-lower-wholesale-power-prices-94372/

OffGridBox: Clean water and solar power… in a box

Cleantechnica Getting electricity and clean water to remote villages and off-grid locations can make a huge difference in the lives of those who live there, but running power and water lines from a central location can cost far more than bringing an electricity generation and water filtration system directly to the location, and one Italian … Read more

Researchers one step closer to efficient, colorful solar panels

PV Magazine LEFT: The nanopatterned module appears green, independent of the angle. RIGHT: Schematic of silicon nanoscatterer arrays on top of a sapphire cover slide, integrated into a commonly used solar panel design. Image provided by PV Magazine. By stamping dense arrays of crystalline silicon nanocylinders onto solar modules, researchers in the Netherlands have managed … Read more

Genex solar + pumped hydro project clears another hurdle

Genex Power’s world-leading solar and pumped hydro project has cleared another development hurdle, after sealing a deal to connect the Kidston Renewable Energy Hub to the national grid. The ASX-listed Genex said on Friday it had signed a binding heads of agreement with the Queensland government-owned Powerlink to commence transmission line design works. The agreement … Read more

Redflow chooses Thailand for battery factory

PRESS RELEASE Australian battery company Redflow Limited has today announced it has established a company in Thailand to manage production of its zinc-bromine flow batteries in South East Asia. In May, the ASX-listed company (ASX:RFX) announced its decision to move its battery manufacturing from North America to South East Asia, to be closer to its … Read more

Australian wind delivers more record low prices, as private sector piles in

Just three months after Origin Energy stunned the renewables industry with a record low power off-take deal for the 530MW Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria, AGL Energy has delivered more of the same, securing an off-take price of below $60/MWh through the sale of its 453MW Coopers Gap Wind Farm, between Kingaroy and Dalby in … Read more