Tesla big battery goes the full discharge – 100MW – for first time

The Tesla big battery remains the most watched aspect of Australia’s National Electricity Market – apart from the spate of Lack of Reserve notices in the current heatwave – and on Wednesday for the first time it discharged at its maximum capacity. The injection of 100MW into the grid from what is known to the market … Read more

Driving an electric vehicle across the Nullarbor is now routine

Electric vehicles are on the verge of being mainstream in most other countries. Importantly, these are countries that ship passenger vehicles to the Australian market, which means Australian buyers will soon have a clear choice: purchase a financially viable electric vehicle or purchase the old tech petrol guzzler that no one else wants. Unfortunately, though, … Read more

Coal comfort as Origin vows to halve emissions by 2032

Origin Energy’s commitment to “science based” climate action has been reaffirmed this week, with the announcement of targets for a 50 per cent reduction in emissions from its coal and gas operations by 2032, and a 25 per cent cut in emissions from traded gas and electricity in that same timeframe. Origin, which in October … Read more

7:30 Report asks: Is Australia’s electricity grid up to the summer challenge?

ABC TV’s 7:30 Report put the spotlight on the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) last night, asking whether Australia’s electricity grid overseer is prepared for another long, hot summer. Electricity demand response is one technique that AEMO will be using to battle the risk of blackouts in this coming year. The program revisited the South … Read more

It’s all about money as global investors drive low-carbon transition

If the previous decade has seen the climate change space occupied by activists, scientists, denialists and fossil fuel companies, a coordinated push from investors for derisked portfolios, is setting the stage for a very different 2018 and beyond. As nations mark the second anniversary of the historic Paris Agreement, some 225 investors with more than … Read more

6th ERF auction result – millions more sunk in “vegetation” abatement

The results of the federal government’s latest Emissions Reduction Fund auction have been released by the Clean Energy Regulator, revealing the purchase of nearly 8 million tonnes of carbon abatement, at an average price of $13.08 per tonne. In a statement on Thursday, the CER said that the auction, the sixth to be conducted as … Read more

Biggest game-changer on network spending approved – a decade late

Infrastructure construction – including poles, wires and substations – has far outstripped peak demand. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts A demand management incentive scheme – touted as the biggest game-changer in network spending seen in Australia – has finally been approved by the country’s regulators. But it has come nearly a decade later than it should. The scheme … Read more