Value of solar rebate certificates drops $12 in one week

A continuing drop in a government renewable energy ‘rebate’ could affect the future price of solar power system installations. The trading value of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) dropped from $37 to $25 in a few days over the past week. STCs are issued under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme and are traded in an … Read more

Shepparton Council says solar farm is a potential income stream

Local councillors say a solar farm project under consideration near Shepparton in Victoria could be a source of income. Greater Shepparton City Council says a site south of Mooroopna could become an income stream. The site could potentially produce a minimum of 10 MW of power if developed. It could also be a source of local … Read more

Australia’s Greatcell signs MOU with JinkoSolar for perovskite cells

PV Magazine Greatcell, formerly Dyesol, said that the relationship had formed over months of discussion and with the close support of Nanyang Technology University (NTU), its academic research collaboration partner in Singapore. Source: PV Magazine Australian firm Greatcell Solar has signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with JinkoSolar, based on which the Chinese headquartered … Read more

South Miami just made a huge rooftop solar decision

Climate Central South Miami this week became the first city outside of California to require all new homes to install solar panels on their roofs. Six cities in the Golden State began requiring solar to be installed on new homes over the past few years. But in Florida, where voters killed proposed solar restrictions last … Read more

North Queensland to be Australia’s first major exporter of solar power

North Queensland has become the focus of a bitter debate about whether Australia should be committing government funds to get the Carmichael coal project in the Galilee Basin over the line, or even to build a new coal-fired generator near Townsville. But there is a quiet revolution going on that certainly makes the push for … Read more

Grant to ditch takeaway coffee cups

PRESS RELEASE Battles against takeaway coffee cups, marine plastic pollution and energy wastage will get support from the City of Sydney’s latest round of environmental knowledge exchange sponsorships. Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the City is a strong supporter of new ideas and innovation in the sustainability sector. The three recipients of knowledge exchange sponsorships … Read more

Notion-building pollies declare open season for energy theories

The Conversation Since the Finkel review was announced it has been open season for notion building in the energy space. While Malcolm has been pumping Snowy, Craig has been promising death by renewables, quite literally. Josh seems to be for just about everything, besides Labor state governments of course, and reckons we are on track to … Read more