Biomass power plan to bridge gap between farmers and miners

Remote mining projects in farming areas could soon access baseload electricity from biomass plants powered by straw. Yorke Biomass Energy is building a demonstration plant in South Australia to illustrate how a straw burning generator can provide miners with a competitively priced power source for the first 10-20MW of power. The plant, expected to be operational … Read more

Power markets need a redesign – here’s why

As I write this, staff at the U.S. Department of Energy are busy working on a study which, in just 60 days, must provide answers to the question, “[Are] federal policy interventions and the changing nature of the electricity fuel mix… challenging the original policy assumptions that shaped the creation of [the wholesale electricity] markets?” … Read more

Networks: Bad news for consumers is good news for renewables

There is about $40 billion of debt sitting against the electricity distribution regulated asset base (RAB) spread across the entire National Electricity Market (NEM). Every 1% change in the interest rate the regulated industry is allowed to charge for is thus an extra $400 million of industry revenue/consumer cost.  We estimate there is about a 2% … Read more

Renewable energy now employs 9.8m people globally

The latest Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2017 report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), released at IRENA’s 13th Council meeting in Abu Dhabi today, has revealed that a total of 9.8 million people worldwide currently work in renewable energy. By sector, solar PV is the largest employer, boasting 3.1 million jobs globally, … Read more

Electric cars becoming popular as the grid gets greener

Climate Central The amount of heat-trapping pollution that’s released every time Bill Williams drives his electric sedan a mile down a road  has fallen by about a quarter in the three years since he bought it. Williams’ car hasn’t changed, but the electricity that powers it has. In Tennessee, power once generated overwhelmingly by coal … Read more

“Solar farmlet” on livestock exchange leads rural push to local generation

A new solar project slated for the regional Victorian town of Wangaratta has highlighted the huge potential for rooftop PV in commercial farming and agriculture, as rising energy prices and concerns over energy security take a toll on regional businesses and councils. The project will see the installation of a 750kW solar array on the … Read more

Video: Wind, solar cheaper than coal and gas, so let’s get on with it

New wind and solar energy generation is already cheaper – on average – than the cost of existing coal or gas power on Australia’s National Electricity Market. We’ve reported it, and Bloomberg New Energy Finance foreshadowed it at the recent Australian Solar Council Solar and Energy Storage conference in Melbourne (did we mention battery storage..?). … Read more