Study reveals health benefits of solar and wind power

Since 2007, solar and wind power have prevented the premature deaths of up to 12,700 people in the US. That’s according to a study into the health benefits of renewables on the American energy sector, published in Nature Energy. Solar and wind power provide air quality and climate benefits by reducing the need to generate … Read more

Pic of the Day: Old meets new at solar-powered antique shop

It might have been a bit cloudy in the Victorian country town of Smythesdale when this snap was taken, but the message it delivers is clear: even a purveyor of old stuff, from an old building in regional Australia, gets the value of new energy technology. We love this winter-time image of the solar powered … Read more

Graph of the Day: Higher SA wind output, lower wholesale power prices

Today’s chart is similar to yesterday’s – it shows the relationship between wind power output and wholesale price in South Australia. Obviously, wind will be slightly more expensive, but at the same time, it’ll be dispatchable – and perhaps, as battery costs fall, it might end up even cheaper. Good times.    Article source:

OffGridBox: Clean water and solar power… in a box

Cleantechnica Getting electricity and clean water to remote villages and off-grid locations can make a huge difference in the lives of those who live there, but running power and water lines from a central location can cost far more than bringing an electricity generation and water filtration system directly to the location, and one Italian … Read more

Researchers one step closer to efficient, colorful solar panels

PV Magazine LEFT: The nanopatterned module appears green, independent of the angle. RIGHT: Schematic of silicon nanoscatterer arrays on top of a sapphire cover slide, integrated into a commonly used solar panel design. Image provided by PV Magazine. By stamping dense arrays of crystalline silicon nanocylinders onto solar modules, researchers in the Netherlands have managed … Read more

Genex solar + pumped hydro project clears another hurdle

Genex Power’s world-leading solar and pumped hydro project has cleared another development hurdle, after sealing a deal to connect the Kidston Renewable Energy Hub to the national grid. The ASX-listed Genex said on Friday it had signed a binding heads of agreement with the Queensland government-owned Powerlink to commence transmission line design works. The agreement … Read more

Redflow chooses Thailand for battery factory

PRESS RELEASE Australian battery company Redflow Limited has today announced it has established a company in Thailand to manage production of its zinc-bromine flow batteries in South East Asia. In May, the ASX-listed company (ASX:RFX) announced its decision to move its battery manufacturing from North America to South East Asia, to be closer to its … Read more