Electric ferries and joined-up shipping to turn sea travel green

Electric ferries and digital communication between ships could help in the quest to decarbonise maritime transport, a sector which is often perceived as being the green option but could still do much to lower its environmental footprint. …read more

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Closing America's Failing Nuclear Plants Would Set Clean Energy ... - Popular Mechanics

Popular MechanicsDozens of nuclear plants are struggling against aging infrastructure and cheap natural gas. But we need them if we want to stop climate change. and more …read more

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Intelligent components for the power grid of the future

Fast charging of electric cars requires a lot of energy in a short period of time. These peak loads lead to bottlenecks in the power grid, and are one of the problems facing the expansion of electric mobility. The many challenges of the energy transition require a flexible and reliable power grid, which can accommodate … Read more

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Team develops sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide

A KAIST research team recently developed sodium ion batteries using copper sulfide anode. This finding will contribute to advancing the commercialization of sodium ion batteries (SIBs) and reducing the production cost of any electronic products with batteries. …read more

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Scientists stumbled upon a plastic-eating bacterium—then accidentally made it stronger - Popular Science

Popular ScienceHowever, the enzyme could also augment plastics recycling approaches themselves. “Current recycling strategies for PET bottles mostly focus on mechanical recycling, so they chop the bottles up and use them for applications that typically do not need … and more …read more

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Why the electric vehicle revolution will bring problems of its own

After years of being derided as a joke by car manufacturers and the public, interest in electric vehicles has increased sharply as governments around the world move to ban petrol and diesel cars. …read more