Climate conditions affect solar cell performance more than expected

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers can now predict how much energy solar cells will produce at any location worldwide. Surprisingly, they identified that two types of solar cells (silicon and cadmium telluride) can vary in energy output by 5% or more in tropical regions, where most of the emerging solar cell markets are located. This … Read more

Russian nuclear plant says it emits leaked nuclear isotope

A senior executive at the Russian nuclear processing plant suspected of being behind a spike of radioactivity over Europe this fall admitted Wednesday that the isotope recorded does emerge as part of the plant’s production cycle but said its levels are negligible. …read more

Microbes help turn Greek yogurt waste into fuel

Consumers across the world enjoy Greek yogurt for its taste, texture, and protein-packed punch. Reaching that perfect formula, however, generates large volumes of food waste in the form of liquid whey. Now researchers in the United States and Germany have found a way to use bacteria to turn the leftover sugars and acids from Greek … Read more

How Climate Change Is Making Wind Power Less Effective - Popular Mechanics

Popular MechanicsClimate change messes up that balance, making cold regions warm and warm regions cold, so we should expect a little less wind. But even though this result isn’t terribly surprising, it still stings. Wind is currently the most successful renewable … and more …read more

Developing 3-D maps of ground conductivity for power-grid risk assessment

It’s not often geology and national security wind up in the same sentence. Most people don’t think about electrical power in connection to either the ground under their feet or solar flares overhead, but Dr. Adam Schultz of Oregon State University, and EarthScope Magnetotelluric Program Lead Scientist, says that connection presents a clear and present … Read more

New data tool to support the move from fossil fuels to renewable energy launched by IEA

The Institute for Environmental Analytics has launched a renewable energy planning tool in the Seychelles, where it has been welcomed by the government as a boost towards its target of 100 percent renewable energy generation. …read more