EU requests consultation with US over solar tariffs – WTO


The EU wants to hold the consultations as soon as possible. Source: EC

The EU is the latest body to wade into the Section 201 saga by demanding a consultation with the US over its imposition of tariffs on solar imports, according to a WTO filing from Wednesday 7 February.

The US has identified the EU and its member state Germany in particular as major PV exporters that would be subject to the 30% US import tariffs.

In its WTO filing, the EU stated: “Having a substantial interest as an exporter in this case, the European Union requests consultations with the United States. […] The aim of the consultations is, inter alia, to exchange views and seek clarification regarding the proposed measures and reaching an understanding on ways to achieve the objectives set out in Article 8.1 of the Agreement on Safeguards.”

The EU wants to hold the consultations as soon as possible, preferably with the participation of representatives of the US’ investigating authorities.

TaiwanSouth Korea and yesterday China have already taken similar steps through the WTO on the US PV tariffs. However, both South Korea and China have also explicitly mentioned a demand for compensation in their WTO filings. Nor has the EU has accused the US of breaking WTO rules.

The last Section 201 case regarding steel tariffs imposed by the US, was overturned by the WTO in 2003.

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