Bill Gates heads largest ever public-private partnership to fund clean energy

Dive Brief: A group of 27 investors from 10 countries has come together to form what is reportedly the largest ever fund to invest in emerging energy technologies, Greentech Media reports. Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates heads the group and announced its creation on Monday. The group, dubbed the “Breakthrough Energy Coalition,” has laid out … Read more

Goldman Sachs: Investors Should Be Focused on 4 Technologies for Maximum Climate Impact

A perennial debate has once again emerged at this year’s U.N. climate talks: in order to make a meaningful dent in carbon emissions, do we need to invest more in RD or more in the deployment of existing technologies? The world’s largest investment bank, Goldman Sachs, is now weighing in. In a report issued this … Read more

As feds consider 80-year-old nuke plants, California could shutter its last

Dive Brief: While Dominion Virginia Power is making the case for an 80-year operating term at a nuclear facility on the East Coast, in California owners of the last nuke operating in the state are weighing expensive measures that may be needed to continue operating.  Dominion last month became the first utility in the United States … Read more

PG&E’s Pay-for-Performance Pilot Is a Big Deal for Energy Efficiency

Pacific Gas Electric is hammering out the final details of a pay-for-performance energy-efficiency program for homes that will launch next year pending regulatory approval. This is not a tweak to an existing program. It is a wholesale change in how to deliver and pay for efficiency upgrades. California’s Senate Bill 350 requires the state’s utilities … Read more

Wealthy Investors Target Dramatic Increase in Clean-Energy Funding

Starting off the Paris climate talks with a bang, an international group of investors headed by Bill Gates announced a new funding initiative, called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, that will invest in clean-energy technologies. The coalition parallels a new government-backed investment program for clean-energy research and development, called Mission Innovation, that was announced by President … Read more

Dubai to put solar on every roof by 2030

Dubai has made some interesting moves in promoting renewable energy before, but the city has just announced a major new commitment to clean energy—aiming for solar installations on every building’s rooftop by 2030. It’s part of an overall goal of sourcing 25% clean energy by 2025, a figure that rises to 75% by 2050. Not … Read more

Europe’s Largest Solar Farm Opened

A 300 megawatt solar farm south of Bordeaux in France will deliver clean electricity at a price far cheaper than new nuclear power stations. Producing more than 350 gigawatt-hours annually; Neoen’s massive solar project will generate electricity the equivalent of the entire power consumption of  the population of Bordeaux. The facility is more than double … Read more