Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Will Launch IPO - CleanTechnica

CleanTechnicaThe Indian government is looking to tap market opportunities to keep up the recent swift growth in the renewable energy sector. The cabinet recently approved a decision to launch an Initial Public Offer for the Indian Renewable Energy Agency (IREDA). and more …read more

Why Acting on Climate Change is Good Strategy for India - Natural Resources Defense Council

Why Acting on Climate Change is Good Strategy for IndiaNatural Resources Defense CouncilHere are several reasons why taking climate action and investing in clean energy is a good strategy for India –. · Good economics: Solar prices in India are dropping at a rapid clip, with yet another record-low being reached in May 2017 of … Read more

Technological innovation 'trumps' politics

Technological innovation, often induced by national and sub-national policies, is a key driver of global climate and energy policy ambition and action. Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement will hardly affect this trend. …read more

A border wall made of solar panels wouldn't actually be good for the environment - Popular Science

Popular ScienceIt comes on the heels of his decision to withdraw the country from the Paris Climate agreement, and along with much talk of pulling back from investments in renewable energy. “I think it’s good that Trump comes back from Paris and a week later he says … and more …read more

We'll Always Need Paris - Project Syndicate

We’ll Always Need ParisProject SyndicateBut a study by The Energy and Resources Institute of India illustrates that once renewables can achieve an all-in cost of $0.07 per kWh, they will be able fully to support India’s growing power needs. As a result, while past projections assumed that … and more …read more

Several Indian States Consider Ending Wind Energy Feed-in Tariffs - CleanTechnica

CleanTechnicaIndia plans to have an installed wind energy capacity of 60 gigawatts by March 2022, while the current installed capacity is just over 32 gigawatts. To achieve that target, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy will auction five to six gigawatts of …National grid to have additional 556.52 MW solar energy by 2018Business Recorder … Read more

PV module warranties: Separating fact from fiction

Source: PV CYCLE. Negotiating photovoltaic (PV) module warranties can seem like a complicated task with blurred lines separating fact and fiction. Making the wrong choices could see a project saddled with hidden clauses, often unnecessary coverage, and false promises. The warranty usually reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in its product, and it needn’t be a leap … Read more

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