Is solar plus storage economical in Australia?

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proton Staff answered 2 years ago

No says Alternative Technology Association (ATA), an Australian not-for-profit organisation. Not at least until 2020.
Energy storage is a hot topic. It’s clear that as prices continue to drop, batteries have great long-term potential to transform our electricity grid. The ATA has crunched the numbers on the economics of installing grid-connected solar + battery systems around Australia – both now and into the future.
Our analysis has found: · Household bill savings from batteries depend on a range of factors including: 1. the climate at your location; 2. household type (e.g. home during the day or not); 3. grid electricity tariff;

Batteries are not fully utilised most days, due to natural variability in solar generation and household electricity consumption; and · Grid-connected batteries are likely to become economically attractive for many households around 2020. We expect the initial uptake of household storage will be driven primarily by non-economic factors.
The following two charts show the economic attractiveness of installing a 16-panel solar system plus batteries in 2016 and 2020, for a Young Family on a flat electricity tariff: