What is DERMS?

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proton Staff answered 2 years ago

One of the themes at this year’s Distributech conference in Florida is Distributed energy resources (DER) integration and control also called Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS). How do you connect to hundreds of grid assets – battery storage, solar, wind, Electric Vehicle charging stations, CHP plants, diesel gen-set etc and orchestrate them to provide different benefits to the end customer and utilities. Value proposition of DER integration and control include peak demand reduction, meeting capacity reserve requirements, demand charge reduction, voltage and power quality control, grid stability, and capex deferral by optimally loading feeders and power lines. It’s a great ambition and many startups are jumping in with products and solutions to enable connectivity to grid edge devices using RTUs or gateways. Startups are claiming that their solution is hardware agnostic, can speak multiple protocols, communicate back using LTE / RF Mesh with minimal latency for real time control, accept utility commands, close the loop with DMS / ADMS and finally are secure. That is only a subset of the long list of requirements that any secure and scalable DER platform needs to have in order to be widely adopted.
So which startups are showcasing DER integration and control capabilities? Here is a subset of startups:
Enbala http://www.enbala.com/
Smarter Grid Solutions http://www.smartergridsolutions.com/us/
Kitu Systemes (SEP 2.0 protocol) http://kitu.io/
Blue Pillar http://www.bluepillar.com/
Spirae http://www.spirae.com/
Obviously there are many more companies offering DERMS solutions which also includes many behind the meter energy storage vendors.