Modern alchemy creates luminescent iron molecules

Scientists have made the first iron-based molecule capable of emitting light. This could contribute to the development of affordable and environmentally friendly materials for e.g. solar cells, light sources and displays. …read more

Vikram Solar ties up with Israels Water-Gen

According to reports, Vikram Solar today said it has signed an MoU with Israels Water-Gen to develop clean and hygienic drinking water solutions in the country. “The technology developed by Water-Gen to create and store drinking water by harvesting condensation from air, provides a potential solution to the clean and safe drinkable water crisis faced … Read more


According to reports, Central and State Governments are encouraging power production through solar energy. The programme of installing rooftop solar plants over the buildings of institutional areas is being comprehensively implemented across the State and the country. Under this scheme, orders for installation of solar power plants in 39 collector offices of the State have … Read more

Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh refuse to pay more for wind power

According to reports, two of India’s high wind energy potential states have refused to buy wind power at a rate higher than the one arrived at the country’s first ever wind power auction, putting in jeopardy about 500 MW of projects in these states. The auction, completed in February, had brought wind power tariff down … Read more

Azure Power wins 46 MWs solar rooftop projects from Indian Railways

According to reports, Azure Power today said it has bagged from Indian Railways 46 MWs of solar rooftop projects spread across eleven states in India. The power purchase agreement (PPA) will be signed with Indian Railways for their respective zones and coach factory for 25 years, the company said in a statement. According to the … Read more

Secrets revealed about sausages and nuclear power - Rochester Business Journal

Secrets revealed about sausages and nuclear powerRochester Business JournalThe price a generator bids depends on what it costs to run. If your cost of generating an extra kilowatt hour of energy is, say, 5 cents, then you’ll produce at any higher price. Enter renewable energy. The cost of renewables is generally in the … and … Read more