Germany already has more green power than it ever had nuclear

If you are having trouble finding wind and solar, that’s because wind only made up 2.9% of power supply in 2014—and solar only 0.05%. (Note that New York gets seven times more electricity from wood (0.5%) than Germany.) Oil still made up around 10% until the shale gas boom. Mainly, nuclear and gas have grown in recent … Read more

How California passed the most ambitious climate change rules

Climate Central Following more than a year of legislative toing and froing, California’s leaders agreed this week on how ambitious the state will be in the fight against climate change after 2020. Short answer: very. The San Francisco Bay Area.Credit: Thomas Hawk/Flickr A progressive culture and Silicon Valley-style innovation a decade ago thrust California toward … Read more

Tesla “glamping” in the Australian outback

As soon as the first Tesla electric vehicles arrived in Australia the road trips began. Tesla owners travelled up the east coast to Cairns and beyond. Others set off south for a tour of Tasmania. In late 2015, “Mystery Steve” upped the ante by driving his brand new Model S from Sydney back to Perth, … Read more

The fourth emissions reduction fund auction is coming

25 August 2016 The fourth Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) auction has recently been announced. This matters immensely for the waste and local government sectors. So many quality projects are working hard behind the scenes to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Whether that’s a third bin diverting organics out of landfill and into a composting facility, … Read more

Sun Brilliance to build Australia’s biggest solar farm, by output

Perth-based solar power company Sun Brilliance says it plans to build a 100MW solar farm east of Perth, in what will be the biggest solar farm in West Australia by size, and the biggest to date in Australia by output. Sun Brilliance says the solar farm on farming land on the outskirts of Cunderdin, in the … Read more

10 Pacific Island Nations with RETs much more ambitious than Australia

As we have noted on Reneweconomy before, Australia’s renewable energy target of 20 per cent by the year 2020 is Not The Most Ambitious In The World. But sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves exactly where we stand in the global scheme of things. Some insight on this was offered this week via an International … Read more