Beijing's latest answer to pollution: the Smog Free Tower

In a city where smog routinely blankets the streets, a Dutch artist has offered an eccentric solution: a 7-meter (23-foot) metal structure that takes in smog and expels cleaner air. …read more

Understanding the solar inverter market in India

Globally, top 10 inverter suppliers accounted for around 75% of shipments in 2015. In India, the market is even more concentrated as the top 10 suppliers accounted for over 85% of shipments. Despite this, there is intense price competition and churning in supplier landscape. Prices for central inverters have fallen by 17% in the last … Read more

Labor states accuse Turnbull of “ignorant rubbish” on renewable energy

Source: Goulburn Post The Labor states have reacted angrily to suggestions by Malcolm Turnbull that they should abandon their own state-based renewable energy targets, accusing the prime minister of peddling “ignorant rubbish”about wind and solar in the wake of the South Australian blackout. Turnbull and his Coalition partners, along with One Nation, Nick Xenophon, the … Read more

Chart of the year: ‘Incredible’ price drops jumpstart clean energy revolution

Think Progress Credit: Department of Energy The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the 2016 update of its report, Revolution…Now: The Future Arrives for Five Clean Energy Technologies. The must-read report reveals the game-changing progress core clean energy technologies have made over the last several years — specifically, solar, wind, LED lights, batteries, and electric cars. Accelerated deployment driven … Read more

How can fossil fuel supplies be constrained?

Carbon Brief Oil worker pointing with his finger to oil field equipment. Carbon Brief attended the two days of talks at the “Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy” conference, organised by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), to speak to delegates about what kind of future lay in the pipeline for fossil fuels. Climate change policy to date … Read more

Lyon partners with Mitsubishi for 1GW solar + battery storage plan

While the political storm rages over this week’s state-wide South Australian power outage, the Lyon Group has announced a partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation which it says will seek to roll out 1GW of solar + 500MWh of battery storage by 2020. Lyon Group additionally hopes to develop 500MWh of grid-tied storage independent of solar in … Read more

Stuff we can blame on renewables

Yesterday afternoon, after the reaction to the blackout in South Australia, and the insistence by conservative politicians and incumbent energy interests that renewable energy must be to blame, even though it wasn’t, we saw #stuffwecanblameonrenewables trending on Twitter. Here are some of our picks from the bunch; Police are looking for a suspicious wind turbine … Read more