Carnegie Wave trebles bet on micro-grid market with EMC purchase

Perth-based Carnegie Wave Energy has trebled its bet on what it sees as a booming micro-grid market in Australia and overseas and decided to take full ownership of the solar and and battery storage and micro-grid business Energy Made Clean. Carnegie, which is one of the world leaders in wave energy systems and is also … Read more

Half a million solar panels a day, as global renewable capacity outstrips coal

The world installed half a million solar panels a day in 2015 and more than four wind turbines every hour, as the installed capacity of renewable energy overtook coal for the first time and became the last single source of installed capacity in the world. The International Energy Agency – in its medium-term outlook report for renewables … Read more

The myth of renewables threatening grid stability

Germany’s power grid outage averaged 12.7 minutes last year, 41% less than in 2006, even though renewables have grown to account for as much as a third of power generation in the country, according to data released by the federal regulator last week. This put to rest concerns about intermittent sources of power threatening grid … Read more

Australia’s new carbon bomb: uncounted coal seam gas emissions

Australia could be underestimating its annual greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to the output of the nation’s entire transport sector, a new report has warned – an oversight that could see Australia sail past its Paris climate target by double the amount of emissions it has committed to cut. The report, published on … Read more

IEA hails “impressive progress” of solar PV manufacturers

PV Magazine Western Wind Energy Corp The International Energy Agency (IEA) has increased its mid-term renewable forecast by 13%. Largely on the back of key policy developments in the U.S., India, China and Mexico, the agency has pointed to wind and solar PV’s central role as increasingly “affordable solutions” in the fight against climate change … Read more

Andrews Government can match the Victorian RET with a transparent target for community owned renewables

PRESS RELEASE The Victorian Parliament is currently running an inquiry into community energy projects to find out what the benefits are and how to implement best practice policies that will see community energy grow across the state. The inquiry recently had a public submissions phase that asked for the community to provide their opinions to the inquiry. … Read more

Australia in danger of missing out on solar thermal and storage

Two of the companies are, or have been, active in Australia. SolarReserve has outlined plans for one, and possibly as many six, large-scale solar tower and storage projects, while Abengoa has had to withdraw from a planned pilot facility in Western Australia because of its financial difficulties. The solar thermal market was set to take … Read more